Ceylon bank employees protest against 2023 budget due to its adverse effects on banks, its workers and people in general


Report of Ceylon Bank Employees Union (CBEU)


A successful picket protest was held in Colombo Fort on 8 December 2022 by the Sri Lanka Bank Employees Association against the terrorist curfew bill, for the racial persecution budget for 2023 and the tax bill brought in during the election. The 2023 budget would not only cause damage to the bank system but will harm bank workers, and the people of the country, including the working class.

  • Let’s fight the 2023 persecution budget!
  • Let’s oppose the sale of public property including state banks!
  • Remove the bad conditions of the working people liquor tax act!
  • Improve the new Labour Law Act which is harmful to workers!
  • Abolish the Terrorism Control Act! Stop the suppression!



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