Struggle of All India Union Bank Officers Federation started yielding results


Message from Shri Dhondiram Gaikwad, National Convenor, Youth Wing, AIUBOF/AIBOC



Congrats to AIUBOF/AIBOC leadership!

Our fight started yielding results!

AIUBOF/AIBOC demanded work life balance, to stop humiliation of officers and BMs through frequent and odd time VCs.
Now management has directed all FGMs/ Regions not to call frequent VCs and also directed verticals not to call VC of RO / FGMO / branches.
Comrades, we will not stop our actions nor go back until our legitimate demands are properly addressed. All officers and comrades please stay united, ensure your 100% participation in all organisational calls.
Get ready for more intense fights.

Dhondiram Gaikwad
National Convenor, Youth Wing, AIUBOF/AIBOC



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