Madhya Pradesh Vidyut Mandal Patropadhi Engineer Sangh wrote a letter to the management to cancel the duty of assistant engineers of Madhya Pradesh Power Plant in Maharashtra during the strike of Maharashtra electricity workers from January 4 to January 6, 2023.

A comprehensive campaign is being run by the electricity workers, engineers and officers against the privatization of the electricity industry in Maharashtra, under which the electricity workers of Maharashtra will go on strike for 72 hours from January 4, 2023. In view of this, the management has ordered the electricians and engineers of Madhya Pradesh to be on duty in Maharashtra.

Madhya Pradesh Vidyut Mandal Patropadhi Engineer Sangh has written a letter to the management to cancel this duty and has given its full support to the electricity employees of Maharashtra.

(Translated from Hindi)

M.P. Power Generation Co. Ltd. Jabalpur

Subject – Duty of engineers working in power plant assigned in Maharashtra plant to be canceled

Reference –
Letter by Chief Engineer (Generation) Singaji Thermal Power Plant’s numbered 3966 dated 02-1-23

There is an article under the above topic that the M.P.V.M. Patropadhi Engineers Association at the national level is affiliated with Power Engineers Association and National Coordination Committee.

Privatization is being opposed at the national level, under which Maharashtra’s electricity workers and engineers are agitating from 04/01/23 to 06/01/23, in such a situation, Chief Engineer, Singaji Thermal Power Plant, Dogaliya has imposed the duty of Assistant Engineers at KTPS Koradi Maharashtra Plant during the above period, which the union strongly opposes.

It is requested that there is a shortage of assistant engineers and staff in the power plants of the state and they are not technically proficient in performing duties on other plants and any kind of untoward accident may occur. Therefore, please cancel the duty of the said assistant engineers immediately, because during the movement, untoward incidents may also happen with the engineers.


G K Vaishnav
General Secretary

1. Energy Minister Madhya Pradesh Government Energy Department Bhopal.
2. Principal Secretary (Energy), Government of Madhya Pradesh Bhopal.
3. Chairman cum Managing Director Madhya Pradesh Power Management Company Jabalpur.
4. Secretary General All India Federation of Power Diploma Engineers Delhi.
5. President, Madhya Pradesh Electricity Board, Letter Engineer Association, Jabalpur.


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