Maharashtra government accepts demands and assures no privatisation of power companies in any form after Maharashtra electricity workers’ successful strike

Report received from Maharashtra State Electricity Employees, Engineers, Officers Struggle Committee

Electricity workers’ unions had a positive discussion with Mr. Devendra Fadnavis, the Deputy Chief Minister and Energy Minister, and the strike was called off due to written assurance.


86,000 employees, engineers and officers in the state of Maharashtra and more than 40,000 contract workers went on a 72-hour strike under the leadership of the Maharashtra State Electricity Employees, Engineers, Officers Struggle Committee from midnight on 3.1.2023. Contract workers’ unions affiliated to various organisations supported and participated in this strike. Power companies should not be privatized, franchises should not be given, new workers should be recruited, contract workers should be regularised. A detailed discussion regarding these and other demands was held with Deputy Chief Minister and Energy Minister Devendra Fadnavis and the presidents and managing directors of the companies and other officials and office bearers of the 31 workers’ unions. The meeting was held at Sahyadri Atithi on Wednesday from 2 to 4:30 pm. Due to the positive decisions taken in this meeting, a joint press conference was held to announce the decisions and the workers’ unions announced that the strike is called off.

Deputy Chief Minister’s statement in the press conference after discussions with workers’ unions.


1) There will be no privatization of the three power companies in any form.
2) The State Government and the Mahavitran Company will oppose the granting of parallel power distribution license within the jurisdiction of the Mahavitran Company to private capitalists.
3) If the Electricity Regulatory Commission tries to grant parallel licence, we will oppose the private company from all legal aspects.
4) The state government will provide a fund of 55,000 crores to financially strengthen the three companies owned by the state government, namely, distribution, generation and transmission.
5) The State Government has no intention of granting franchises.
6) There is widespread power theft and power loss. That loss is put on agricultural consumers. Therefore, while making an independent agricultural company, we will take workers’ unions into confidence and make the decision that the company will remain under the control of the government.
7) If the workers’ unions can suggest any measures to improve the situation without making an independent agricultural company, then that proposal should be submitted to the government. The government will consider the proposal and discuss it with the unions before making the final decision.
8) Priority will be given to ensure social security to contract and outsourced workers, and age conditions for recruitment of new workers will be relaxed. A policy will be made such that workers’ salaries, after deducting contractor’s commission, will be deposited directly in workers’ bank account.
9) While filling vacancies in all three companies, a policy will be implemented to accommodate contract workers by giving them more points.
10) A policy will be created for ensuring stability in permanent employment.
11) No hydropower project will be given to private capitalists. Such a policy decision will be taken soon in the cabinet meeting.
12) No action will be taken against the employees, engineers, officers and contract workers who are on strike.

Yours sincerely,
Maharashtra State Electricity Employees, Engineers, Officers Struggle Committee

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