National Movement for Old Pension Scheme (NMOPS) supports the strike of electricity workers in Uttar Pradesh and of government and semi-government employees and teachers in Maharashtra


Message from Shri Vijay Bandhu, National President, NMOPS


The employees of UP Electricity Department are not striking as a hobby. The real reason for this strike is the dictatorship of the government. The government should talk to the employee organizations and if there was an agreement on anything, it should be implemented instead of showing intolerance.

If the government department is in loss, then the government is responsible, its policies, not those employees. The way in which privatization is happening in all the departments, in the coming time, people will be told about government institutions and jobs by showing them in a museum that earlier such government institutions and government posts used to exist.

The government should find a way of dialogue, solve the problems. Neither any department can be saved on the strength of the stick, nor can the employee be made to work from the heart, nor can the state be developed on the strength of the stick.

That’s why we demand that the government immediately leave intolerance and implement the agreement made earlier. The employees are ready to work day and night for the development of the state.

I appeal to all the organizations as well that someone is struggling, someone is fighting, then everyone will have to leave everything and stand together, otherwise one day everyone’s turn will come one by one and everyone will be left watching.

We are with the employees of the Electricity Department and with their movement.

We also support the continuous strike for old pension by friends in Maharashtra and we will fight till the last moment for this reasonable demand because pension is our right, we will take it.



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