Privatisation of electricity transmission company in Madhya Pradesh must be stopped


Call of Madhya Pradesh Electricity Board Engineer’s Association


(Translation from Hindi)

Straight trees are the first to be cut in the forest!

What is the need for privatising transmission when

  1. The company has been consistently meeting every parameter of system availability for the past several years.
  2. The company is involved in bettering the system of the nation by reducing losses year after year and achieving every target of power loss.
  3. The company has received many national-level awards.
  4. The company is successfully managing the system since many years with very less manpower.
  5. Record of completing not one, but many projects ahead of time in project implementation.
  6. History of completing multiple projects entirely from the savings of other projects.
  7. Ensuring many years of balance-payment write-offs of discoms, not once, but several times.
  8. History of never creating any kind of burden for the government and always giving benefits.
  9. Uninterrupted power supply is being provided by electricity workers day and night for 24 hours, whereas the government has done the work of creating a negative image of electricity workers among the public.
  10. For a long time, O.S. are being kept hanging so that the recruitment process can be disrupted. Despite the announcement of recruitment of 1 lakh posts by Honourable Chief Minister, the advertisement of recruitment of only 459 posts in electricity companies is regrettable. Recruitment process should be started soon for other posts as well.
  11. Based on a deliberate strategy, the established structure is being constantly weakened by creating different pay scales for employees appointed on the same post in the same company.

TBCB transmission company will be privatised through the back door. This has already happened to some extent, but now we have to stop it from progressing.

When it is a question of existence, all of us must muster so much strength that no one can hurt our existence. We have to be resolute, we have to get out of the cycle of personal loss and profit, we have no option but to have determination.

Salary, pension, position and respect will exist only if electricity companies continue to exist.

Madhya Pradesh Electricity Board Engineer’s Association



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