Translation of the letter received from Shri Naib Singh, General Secretary, RCF Men’s Congress and Zonal Secretary, NFIR

Impact of employment of private workers at Modern Coach Factory, Raibareily


Kamgar Ekta Committee (AIFAP)


Modern coach factory, Raebareli has been set up to produce 1000 LHB coaches for which 5082 employees were proposed. Regular recruitments of employees occurred till 2014 but after the new government came in power the recruitments of regular employees stopped and private recruitments started which resulted in the following:

1. The quality of the coaches which were produced deteriorated.
2. The machines which private employees used to operate broke down very rapidly as the contractor appointed untrained workers on contract to operate the said machines.
3. The number of accidents increased.
4. The feuds between government workers and contract workers increased.
5. To get their inferior quality coaches passed, the contractors, through the means of corrupting the officers, put undue pressure on sincere government employees.
6. As private employees are hired the number of govt employees is reduced resulting in inferior quality of medical services and education facilities, etc. for the government employees.

The harm done to the Private workers:

1. The contractors do not pay minimum wage to the employees; they transfer minimum wage to their accounts and then recover it from the employees through other means. The ATM cards of the contract employees are confiscated by the contractor before the disbursement of wages, half the amount is forcibly withdrawn by the contractor and after that the ATM cards are returned to the employees; the employees who refuse to submit their ATM cards are fired. This is the way in which the contractual employees are being exploited.
2. Whenever the contractual employees demand raise in their wages after a year or two, they are terminated by the contractors.
3. Contractual Employees do not get leave and medical facilities.
4. The uniform and safety shoes provided to contractual employees are of substandard quality and they are not provided with other safety equipment.

In this way the standard of living of the contractual employees is quite low.


Naib Singh
General Secretary, RCF Men’s Congress
and Zonal Secretary, N.F.I.R.


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