Paying tribute to the May Day martyrs, the Jharkhand Rajya Bijli Kamgar Union has announced a statewide agitation from June 10 if the energy allowance is not paid by then


Kamgar Ekta Committee (KEC) Correspondent’s Report


On the occasion of May Day, the Jharkhand State Electricity Workers Union took out a procession in Dhanbad while hoisting the flag and paying homage to the martyrs of May Day.

On the occasion of May Day, the union leader told that earlier 15-15 hours work was taken. The working hours were not fixed. The owners used to get the work done according to their wish. In 1886, in the industrial city of Chicago, the workers took out a peaceful march by the Federation of Organization Trade and Labor to determine and reduce the hours, which enraged the owners. They started inhuman atrocities to crush the movement and finally fired in which many workers were killed.

Today the power corporation management has forgotten that during the Corona period, when the flights were closed, the railways were closed, the courts were closed, the electrical workers continued the power supply by putting their lives on in danger. They went to infected areas and attended the breakdowns in which some employees died. Despite this, the pending demand of 6% energy allowance was not paid. He announced that if the demand is not fulfilled, then the electricity workers will be bound to fight on the lines of do or die and undertake state-wide agitation from coming 10th June.



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