Central trade unions of Rajasthan demand positive decision on various long-pending demands, including regular increase in minimum wages and non-implementation of 4 new labour codes


Letter by Rajasthan Central Trade Unions to the Chief Minister


Rajasthan Central Trade Unions


No. CTU/2023/7/1
Date: 6 July 2023

Shri Ashok Gehlot
Chief Minister, Government of Rajasthan

Subject: Discussion on various issues related to workers

Under the rule of the government of Smt. Vasundhara Raje in 2013-2018, several anti-worker decisions were taken in Rajasthan, which created an anti-government atmosphere against the previous government in the state. Under your leadership, a new government was established in the state. All central trade unions were hopeful that your government will work for the upliftment of workers after holding regular discussions with the central trade unions. However, in the last four and a half years, no time has been taken out by you for talks with the central trade unions although we have written to you jointly and individually regarding organizing a meeting. Once again, we draw your attention to the following problems with the hope that you will call an early meeting of the central trade unions for discussion and take positive action and provide relief to workers.

  1. The Rajasthan government did not increase minimum wages for workers as was done by the neighbouring states. In contrast, the regular increase in the minimum wages, which was implemented on January 1 every year, has also been stopped.
  2. The issues of the serving and retired employees of Rajasthan Roadways, whose settlement you had assured during the talks on October 20, 2021, remain outstanding and employees are losing their faith as the government has not taken any positive action on them so far.
  3. Not all central trade unions have been included in the Labour Advisory Board created by the State Government. Various committees are yet to be formed.
  4. A decision should be taken that the State Government will not implement the four new labour codes which have been made by the Central Government by amending the labour laws. Along with this, the amendment in the labour laws made in 2014 by the former BJP government should be repealed.
  5. The condition of the labour department of the state government is pathetic. The vacancies in this department should be filled immediately. The amount of about Rs. 300 crore of BOCW, which was used by the state government at the time of COVID-19, should be returned. Similarly, the facilities provided to the labourers earlier (Shubh Shakti and maternity) should be continued.
  6. The benefit of 100 units of free electricity and electricity subsidy is not being given to the employees living in railway quarters. Railway employees are paying electricity charges like common consumers.
  7. The decision taken by the state cabinet in the year 2013 regarding promotion of employees of various departments, including PWD, Water Supply Department, and RSEB, should be implemented.
  8. Various other issues which have been brought to your notice through letters/memorandums over the years from time to time should be resolved.

We expect that you will organize a meeting with key office bearers of the central trade unions soon to discuss and settle the various issues of the workers of Rajasthan state.



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