The victory of the successful struggle of WCRMS


Report sent by correspondent of WCRMS

The demands which were raised in Jabalpur through the relentless efforts of WCRMS are being fulfilled. This success is the result of the united struggle of WCRMS.
As a result of this struggle, all the demands raised regarding the problems of Trackmen, Pointsmen and Patrolmen will be implemented in Jabalpur and Bhopal.

My dear friends,
It is with great pleasure to inform all of you that through the relentless efforts of WCRMS, our demands which were raised in Jabalpur, be it in the Engineer Department or in the Operating Department, are being fulfilled.

All the demands will be completed one by one, whether it is 12 hours or 16 kilometers or the demand for safety shoes or risk allowance. All the stations are informed that all the pointsmen brothers should get their safety shoes numbered at the station.

All this has been made possible by the relentless efforts of our WCRMS General Secretary Mr. Ashok Sharma ji, Mandal President Mr. Rajesh ji and all the senior officers of WCRMS.

All of them supported us in this and Mr. BP Singh ji from Guna branch had asked General Secretary Mr. Ashok Sharma ji for this in the meeting held in Sagar, that it should be completed in Jabalpur and in Bhopal division. Hence it came into force.

Congratulations to all the brothers.
WCRMS Zindabad
NFIR Zindabad




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