Be prepared for the struggle against privatisation – Call to employees of Rail Coach Factory, Kapurthala by Shri Guman Singh, National President, National Federation of Indian Railwaymen (NFIR)

Report from Shri ram ratan Singh, Zonal General Secretary, RCF Mazdoor Union Kapruthala


Press Release



(Translated to English)

Be prepared for the struggle against privatisation: National President Com. Guman Singh

The National President of the big railway federation, the National Federation of Indian Railway Man (NFIR), Shri Guman Singh, attended the general body meeting of the RCF Mazdoor Union held on 27th November in Rail Coach Factory, Kapurthala. He also addressed the annual conference of the IRTSA supervisors’ association. In these meetings (held in the Waris Shah Hall and Western Colony Club) he condemned the anti-worker policies of the central government. He urged the RCF Mazdoor Union to join forces in opposing the policies of privatisation and corporatisation. He mentioned that NFIR is putting pressure on the government for the following:

1. Scrap the new pension scheme
2. Timely promotion MACP
3. The problems of the supervisor cadres
4. Recruitment of the apprentice workers
5. Night duty allowance
6. New recruitments
7. Making the contract workers engaged during the covid times permanent and other demands of the workers

The way workers and farmers are being attacked we will have to demonstrate our unity and fight unitedly. In the presence of the National President, and under the leadership of the Zonal President Abhishek Singh and the Zonal General Secretary Ram Ratan Singh the executive committee of the RCF Mazdoor Union was elected as per the directives of the Election Committee, and the name of the members were declared. In particular, – Er. Veer Prakash Panchal (Media In charge), Havindar Singh Painta, Randheer Singh, Satvel Singh (Plant Shop), Manjeet Singh, Khush Mohammed (Tool Room), Ranjod Singh, Sanjeet Kumar (TTC), Jaswindar Singh Bali (Bogie Shop), Jaswindar Singh (Transport Shop) and others were welcomed into the union. The union members honoured the National President Shri Guman Singh by presenting him with a garland, shawl and memento. Union leaders who had come from elsewhere – Shri Rajesh Kumar, P D Sharma, Janak Raj, D S Bedi, and Mahesh Garg were also honoured by presenting them with a garland and shawl. Veer Prakash Panchal, Amrik Singh, Preetam Singh, Rajesh Kumar and Janak Raj also addressed the meetings. Executive President Amrik Singh thanked everyone present for making the meeting a grand success. Ranjeet Singh Shekhupur, Arvindar Singh Pali, K N Gupta (Cashier), Gurjeet Singh Gopi, Manjeet Singh, Harvindar Singh Painta, Major Singh, Randheer Singh, Preetam Singh, Kulwant Puniya, Suhkdev Singh Sukha, Ranjod Singh, Sanjeet Kumar, Amrutpal Singh, Iqbal Singh, Vinod Kumar, Harendra Barada, Taranjeet Singh, Nirmal Singh, Er. Surendra Kumar, B K Bari, Gurpareet Singh, Ten Singh Meena gave special contribution to the meeting. Some comrades who gave monetary contributions and others whose names were not mentioned were also thanked.


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