Loco pilots and other railway staff demonstrated against issuing of trolley bags, privatisation & corporatisation and other demands at Waltair (Vishakhapatnam) on 8 March 2022


Report received from Com. A Bholanath, Divisional Secretary, All India Loco Running Staff Association (AILRSA), Waltair Division




AILRSA/WAT organised Demonstration Program in front of DRM/WAT office on 08.03.2022 from 10:00 hours to 13:30 hours for demanding to withdraw the proposals of RB to issuing Trolley Bag or Trolley Bag allowance to Crew and Guard, against the ceiling on NDA, demanding to stop long hours duty by Crew & Guard, against privatisation and corporatisation and other 20 charter of demands of Loco Running Staff. More than 500 Running Staff joined in the programme with echoes of slogans. ECoRSU supported the demonstration programme and it’s leaders & cadre joined the programme and made it a grand Success. The Lady ALPs (Assistant Loco Pilots) also joined the demonstration programme. The leaders of AILRSA & ECoRSU addressed the gathering and finally a rally was organised from Rajbhasha Bhavan to DRM/WAT Office In Gate and submitted the Memorandum to the ADRM(OP)/WAT.

AILRSA/WAT heart fully thanks and sends revolutionary Salutations to the ECoRSU leaders and cadre, Lady ALPs and all the Running Staff who joined in demonstration programme and made it a grand Success.

Inquilab Zindabad

Running Staff Ektha Zindabad




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PARAS Kumar Jain
PARAS Kumar Jain
2 years ago


Dharmendra Kumar
Dharmendra Kumar
2 years ago