When LIC invests huge amount of capital in development of states, why its privatisation?


By Com. Devidas Tuljapurkar, General Secretary, Maharashtra State Bank Employees Federation (MSBEF)


Total investment of LIC in various State Government Securities is 9,72,859.16 crore. This is the contribution of LIC in the development of various states.

On disinvestment all the decisions will be Board driven where shareholder directors will prevail upon. Now disinvestment in LIC no more should be left to the wisdom of the central government who in the name of democracy is bulldozing its decision in the interest of corporates who are interested in gaining the control over financial resources which they can use to subserve their own interests. Thus, retaining total control of LIC with the Government is in the interest of the nation & common man. Therefore, fight against disinvestment of LIC is patriotic struggle.

Let us raise our voice against disinvestment of LIC.

Let the history record that there is a voice of dissent in the interest of the Nation & common man.

Devidas Tuljapurkar,
General Secretary, MSBEF




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